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How does the Idealauto car auction work?

How to become a member?
I registered an account but did not receive a password. What should I do next?
If you haven’t received your password within 10 minutes, you may want to also check your spam folder. If the e-mail is not there either, please contact us at

To reset your password, you can request a new password from “My Account”.

Do I have the right to withdraw my purchase because the transaction takes place online?
When buying from Ideal Auto auction, the Consumer Protection Act applies. The purchase is confirmed by contracts, which means that it is not possible to cancel the purchase retroactively. However, you have the right to claim compensation if defects occur after the purchase.
How can I be sure that no one is artificially raising the price during the auction?
To avoid this situation, we have specialists who keep an eye on the auctions and bids throughout the process. The aim is to protect both the seller and the bidder from unreasonable/incorrect offers. Illegal offers are rare, but if they do occur, the bidder will be blocked from further access to
How do you determine the value of my car?
Ideal Baltic Ltd has a long history of valuing cars through its group companies. The evaluation is based on our own statistics and forecasts. According to the registration number, we collect information about your vehicle from the car register and we determine the fair value of the car through our database. When evaluating vehicles, we also rely on the sales prices of and other participants.
How does Ideal Auto work?

At Ideal Auto, we help both companies and individuals to buy and sell used cars. Our business model is simple: the seller must get a fair price for his car and the buyer should feel safe and know the actual condition of the car.

When selling your car through Ideal Auto, you can be sure that our entire team will help. We clean the inside and outside of the vehicle, register the change of ownership, advertise to potential customers, and make sure that the whole process is transparent and convenient for the seller.

The buyer sees the real condition of the car from our testing documentation and thus does not have to prepare for unforeseen expenses. When signing a contract, the Consumer Protection Act applies, so if the need arises, the buyer has the right to demand compensation.

Can I buy a car even if the offer does not exceed the reserve price?
It all depends on whether the seller is willing to sell his car at a lower price than originally planned. At the end of the auction, we will contact the seller and determine if the seller is interested in selling the car at the price you offer.
What are your opening hours?
Ideal Auto car dealership is open Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00 and Saturday 10:00-14:00.


What to do if you have problems after buying the car?
Contact our complaints department. Complaints must be submitted in writing and therefore it is easiest to send us an e-mail to

NB! Don’t forget to provide us with the car’s registration number, a description of the error, and whether or not you have pointed it out while picking up the car. Of course, we are also interested in other information and details that may be relevant to the case.

What happens after the auction?

At the end of the auction, we will contact the highest bidder and agree on a time to receive the car. The change of ownership is then registered and the amount of the last bid is transferred to the seller’s account.

Buy a car

Can I export a purchased car?
Yes, all cars purchased from Ideal Auto can be exported.
Do you also give a warranty for the car you bought?
How to pay for a car?
How do I know my bid has been made?
Once you’ve submitted a bid, you’ll see a green “Your bid” entry in your bid history. You’ll also see your bid history if you’re signed in with your email address and password.
How can I arrange a time to hand over/receive the car?
You can conveniently change the time by using the confirmation email sent to you or by writing to us at
How long does it take to transfer money if I pay by bank transfer?
Ideal Auto has accounts in most major Estonian banks – SEB, Swedbank, LHV and COOP Pank. If you transfer money from one of these banks, we’ll see the money right away. If you make a transfer from another bank, it usually takes one business day.
Is VAT included in the price?
Yes and no. In the auction list, you can filter out cars that can be purchased with deductible VAT.
Does the commission have to be paid even if the seller does not want to sell the car below the reserve price?
No, the commission is paid only upon concluding the transaction.
What does car transport cost?
Transport costs depend on how far the car needs to be transported. For more information, contact customer support at
When does the auction end?
Each auction has an end date and time during which you can bid. If the bid is made immediately before the end of the auction, the auction will be extended by 4 minutes.
When do I have to pick up the car I bought at the auction?
If you have won the car at the auction or bought it at a fixed price, you must pick up the car within 3 working days. To book an appointment write to
What is a commission?

When you buy a car through Ideal Auto, you pay a commission in addition to the price of the car. The amount of the commission is indicated in the auction page and depends on the value of the car.

What's the maximum bid?

The maximum bid means that you enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the car in the input field. You can change your maximum bid by entering a different amount in the input field.

What is automatic bidding?
Automatic bidding means that when other bidders enter the auction, you allow the bid to be automatically increased by €50 until you reach the maximum level. The automatic bid will never exceed the maximum bid amount that You have set.

Sell a car

Can I sell a car with an active leasing contact at the auction?
Yes, you can. If the seller uses the auction Item on the basis of a leasing agreement, the seller shall request a buyout invoice from the lessor in the name of Ideal Auto OÜ, which enables the transfer of the auction Item to Ideal Auto after payment of the buyout invoice. If the Lessor does not allow the issuance of a buyout invoice to a third party, the Seller shall apply for a buyout invoice in its own name.
Is it necessary to show the car in advance to determine the minimum sale price?
Do you accept exchanges?
If I want to sell a car, do I have to deliver the car myself or do you also offer a car transportation service?

Around Tallinn, we can pick up the car at a time and place convenient for you. Contact us at for more information.

I could not name the full list of accessories before the evaluation. How will I know how much a car is worth?
Based on the registration number, we will get enough information about your car to make an initial estimate of the sale price.

If your car has additional equipment that has not been specified at the registration or cannot be identified through the Estonian car register, we will adjust the auction price later.

How long will the sale take?
It usually takes about three weeks from the registration to the sale of the car, but of course, it depends on how and when the car reaches us. The car is advertised on for 3-5 days, before that the car has been washed, cleaned and tested by our team.
How often are cars sold above the reserve price?
The size of the offers largely depends on the time, the car model and the market demand.
I have a question about the car testing protocol. Who do I contact?
You can find out about the car testing protocol at
What stage of the sales process is my car currently in?
You will receive a confirmation email from us when you register your interest. We will then contact you via email and text messages. In addition, you can monitor the sales process of your car at any time by logging in to the website with your email address and password.
My car has already been cleaned - can I get a discount on your payment because you won't have to clean it??
Washing and cleaning is part of our car sales service and this step cannot be missed. To maintain the high and consistent quality of our suppliers and buyers, all of the cars we sell are washed and cleaned to our standards.

For sellers, this means that we make the car transaction even easier for you – you don’t even have to clean the car before putting it up for sale.

Sell your car with minor defects or have them repaired before sale?

We recommend that you show us the vehicle before the sale and then we can decide which defects to repair and which not. Ideal Auto’s car bodywork department will repair the defects and it will generally be covered by your insurance.

When do I get the money after selling my car?

The transfer will be made within 1-3 working days after the buyer has picked up the car. Ideal Auto is responsible for the change of ownership documentation.

How much does it cost to sell a car through you?
The idea of our service is that you get a better price for your car than through other sales opportunities. When selling a car, we charge a commission based on your sale price.

The commission, which is a minimum of 149 euros for a private person, includes cleaning, testing, evaluation, advertising and auction sales. We also deal with all claims for compensation.

What happens if my car is not sold?
In the unlikely event that we do not receive a sufficiently high bid for your car after the two auctions, as a private individual you can take your car back free of charge. If you decide to cancel the sale before then, you will be charged 185 euros to cover the costs of Ideal Auto.

For companies: If the car is not sold after two auctions, the cost of testing and documentation is 250 euros without VAT. The price of additional services will be added to that.