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  • Anyone can participate
  • Highest bidder wins
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Why choose Ideal Auto?

At Ideal Auto, we believe that the car dealership should be fully open – regardless of whether you want to buy or sell a vehicle. It is important for us that both the seller and the buyer make transactions safely and smoothly.

Priit Paas

Board member of Ideal Auto

Selling a car through us is easy and convenient


Contact us

  • Fill in the contact form
  • Fill in the contact form
  • We determine the selling price together
  • Bring the car to us or let us pick it up


We prepare the car

  • We wash the car
  • We perform visual and technical inspections
  • We take pictures and put the car up for auction



  • The auction is public
  • We communicate with those interested
  • The highest bid wins


Execution of the transaction

  • We prepare documents
  • If necessary, we transport the car to the buyer
  • We deal with customer feedback

Planning to sell a car?

We specialize in earning the maximum possible return of the vehicle for the car owner. You can get more money for the car at the auction than by managing it yourself or selling it to a dealer.

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